Emotional light research

A simple product, blended into the wall to let in light all its prominence. Related symbolically with simple natural elements such as the sun or moon.


A mimetic and architectural light, which provides a warmth luminous sensation and makes you reflect about the importance of light and chromaticism in our daily life.

Smart Lighting

LUZ is an intelligent lamp formed by a professional light sensor that measures in real time the intensity of the light and the color tª values outdoors which are processed by a micro-controller.


Offering more than 60.000 potential colours controlled by a wireless device or an Android/iPhone app.


LUZ Emotional Light Research
Prototype winner of LEXUS Design Award 2015

LUZ is an ambient light for indoor use that fluctuates in intensity of brightness and color gradient depending on the weather conditions and time of day. It is a living object, that uses a simple internal brain to transform the atmosphere of a room in a subtle but powerful way.

  • Efficiency

    Minimal material waste vs maximum precision

  • Critical design

    Durable, recyclable, produced in different sizes

  • Psychology of light

    Reproducing more than 60.000 colors shades

  • Community

    Open software, hackable, upload your personal code

Client Client Client Client Client Client


"Luz is a luminaire where the light interacts with nature and removes the barrier between the inside and the outside of a home. I wanted the light to be alive, and to breathe life into the home." Marina Mellado Mendieta, LDA presentation Grand Prix Selection at Lexus Design Award 2015.
Concept, Product & Industrial Design


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