LUZ is an ambient light for indoor use that fluctuates in intensity of brightness and colour gradient depending on the weather conditions and time of day. the ´´light“ interacts with nature and removes the barrier between the inside and the outside of a home.  It is a living object, that uses a simple internal brain to transform the atmosphere of a room in a subtle but powerful way.


LUZ was inspired by my own experience living in northern Europe for two years, this is a photograph of the view from my window. As winter approached the days became shorter and the weather was more cloudy, rainy and snowy. Quickly I realized that my friends mood and my own mood were saddened by the lack of daylight.

Window view

I could not stop thinking about my sunny hometown and the physical and emotional warmth you can feel in that society. So I started to develop the design of a luminaire where the ´´light“ interacts with nature and removes the barrier between the inside and the outside of a home. I wanted the light to be alive, and to breathe life into the home.


I designed a circular lamp with a ’T’-section profile and two RGB LED strips which wrap around the circumference , one attached to the outer surface, and another one to the inner one. The LED strips are shaded by the extruded profile and illuminate the wall both inside and outside of the ring.


Both LED strips are connected to an open source micro controller that receives data ( luminosity and the colour temperature) about the outside atmosphere sent wirelessly from a sensor placed by the window.
Then, the micro controller translates the information into RGB light colours.
For example, when it is cloudy, the lamp will be bright orange, simulating the sun, and when it is dark outside, the lamp could be bright blue and refreshing.

While developing LUZ I have been in constant conversation with people affected psychologically by lack of sunshine and natural daylight, they chose the default light-colors provided in LUZ, However, at the moment we are developing an app with which you can change the colors of the lamp depending on the weather conditions, you can share them online, expressing your emotions on your choice and compare them with people from all over the planet whose environmental conditions and emotions are totally different.










Concept and prototype designed during BA studies at 3PA, Academy of Fine arts in Gdansk

Mentor Max Lamb


Jaroslaw Szymanski

Jacek Ryn

Victor Mazón Gardoqui 

Max Lamb

Fátima Ferreiro

Piotr Mazurczyk

Jaime Mora Fernández

Enrique Herrero

Robert Kunz

Angel Azpicueta

ASP w Gdansku


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