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Luz design has evolved from contemporary rapid prototyping techniques to formal industrial production, during this journey different technologies have been tested, modified, hacked and specified.

All hardware and assembly design have been developed in Germany (Leipzig) and Great Britain (London). A professional Spanish Software Engineer coded the different wireless technologies working on multi platform systems (Linux, OS X, Windows) in order to make this project compatible with different portable devices. A simple product, blended into the wall to let in light all its prominence. Related symbolically with simple natural elements such as the sun or moon.A mimetic and architectural light, which provides a warmth luminous sensation and makes you reflect about the importance of light and chromaticism in our daily life .

LUZ is an intelligent lamp formed by a professional light sensor that measures in real time the intensity of the light and the color tª values outdoors which are processed by a micro-controller. Offering more than 60.000 potential colors with 2 mode sensor analysis controlled by a wireless device or an Android/iPhone app.



Custom aluminium frame in 100 or 60cm diameter

2 Independent controlled 3m RGB LED Stripes (Internal / External)

LED RGB  SMD 5050 24V 14,4w/m  –  IP20

Brain controller

Wireless RF at 433MHz – External sensor connection

Bluetooth – App remote contolled conexion

Micro USB for updating new software


Arduino compatible code

Open source and hardware





Wireles RF at 433MHz – External sensor conection

1000mA Lithium polymer battery

Micro USB charging conexion


Arduino compatible code

Open source and hardware









Power supply

110-220v Compatible

AC power plug Type B/C/F/E/G

24v 5A Switching power supply


Final production collaboration

Electronic Designer : Victor Mazón Gardoqui

Software developer : Angel Azpicueta




One thought on “TECHNOLOGY

  • Hello!
    I love beatifull pleasent light, you project is so awsome, I enjoy it, you are so cool! I sooo want to have such a thing at home…
    But your Luz is too expensive for me :((((
    I enjoy everything beatifull and with modern electronics, and work on my own project on Raspberry Pi…
    I’ve heard, it is open-source (I’ve even seen your website at beginning of your project, while first Luz was made from ABS). May be you may share the schemes of details with me? (for ABS 3D-printing)
    I’m simple IT-guy from Russia (St.-Petersburg).
    Besides it is cultural capital, we have so rainy weather very often…
    So I wanted to sglightly modify it to change color depending on time, instead of weather.
    And of course, I respect your ownership of idea, design and development of such a beatifull thing, I want to have only one at my own home…
    Best regards, Stas.

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